Indy Hand Tied Extensions is designed to be thin hand tied hair which allows less bulk along the track. Our unique method is made up of beaded anchors to which the hair is attached. We have developed a way for the hair to lay flat with the natural flow of your hair to avoid beads poking through. We also use a method which reduces the tension on the front anchor which make for a more comfortable experience.

Hair extensions are not natural. However, we want to make them look and feel as natural as possible while minimizing the damage to the scalp and hair. Using our Indy hand tied weft method, we have less beads per row while still ensuring the weight is distributed evenly to reduce tension on the scalp. Ultimately we have created a method that allows for more hair which translates to more fullness with less beads and tension to the scalp.

We are emotionally connected to our hair and it plays a huge role in our confidence as women. Our goal is to make all women believe what the INDY team already knows, that they are beautiful. "Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful." - Hailey Towery

Hailey Towery

Creator of Indy Extensions

I have been creative since day one. I started out my career wanting to be an artist. As I continued my education in art I realized that I wasn’t going anywhere and I felt I needed to be in the beauty industry. I was trained on multiple methods of installing extensions and they all seemed to fall short of what I needed for my clients. I decided to use my creative ability and accumulated knowledge of extensions to create the Indy Hand Tied Method.

Lauren Anderson

Lead Educator

Lauren is a master stylist and experienced educator. She is a long time Kevin Murphy Platinum Educator and has a over 12 years experience specializing in men's cuts and women's color. Her mastery of blondes has her clients raving about her ability. Whether you want sunkissed, platinum, or ash she can get it done. After being trained in multiple methods of installing extensions, Lauren has found her passion with the Indy Method.


The benefits to using hand tied extensions is reducing any bulk along the track, and reducing the amount of weight. It also allows you to customize the hair and color when mixing colors. This hair is so smooth! It will rarely bunch or tangle as long as you are using the proper hair products. The smooth hair reduces the bulk along the track creating a more discreet look so no one will ever take notice.



Indy Extensions method was developed over the course of being educated on numerous methods that never seemed to be quite complete. It is a combination of anchoring with a bead and string while sewing the hand tied hair onto the track. This creates less tension on the scalp preventing those awful headaches. It creates the desired fullness without any of the bead slipping. Indy Extensions Method is designed for all hair types and is flexible enough to be customized to each individual.